Are you ready to take your astronomical interest to the next level?
The Rittenhouse Astronomical Society is the premier provider for public astronomy programs in the tri-state area.
 Join us on the third Tuesday of each month at the Franklin Institute.
We promote awareness and interest in astronomy and related sciences
through educational / inspirational speakers and programs.

Consider meeting with others who share an interest in astronomy!    
Wondering what is in the sky this month? Bring your questions, and your enthusiasm to learn. Open to all with no admittance fee.
  Free, informative ,enlightening and fun.  No obligation to join.


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Muddy Run

172 Bethesda Church Rd. W
Holtwood, PA 17532

NOVEMBER 10 -6:00 PM
6:00 PM
Free and open to the public. 
Dress warm, park can be
 10 degrees cooler
than Phila. area. 
Add a breeze and chillier !

NASA Night Sky Network



Rittenhouse Astronomical Society members coordinate and conduct
educational programming in association with
Astronomy Enthusiasts of Lancaster County and
the Harford County Astronomical Society

Members benefit & Volunteers appreciation
Exclusive Observing Nights

 *Above dates are not open to the public and subject to weather conditions.  Park is closed and admission is by gained by sign up on our Event Brite List.  These nights are reserved for members and current volunteers only. 
Visitor center will not be open or available.
Dress warm, there is no heat in the observatories.




November 20, 2018 @ The Franklin Institute 7:15 PM.
Free to the Public, All Invited

RAS All Stars present in the Fels Planetarium
Planet Report  / This is Rocket Science / Celestial Highlights

December 18, 2018
@ Centennial Planetarium 7:15 PM.
William Tennent High School, Warminster PA.

Members and Tennent High School Students
Tickets Available through Event-Brite

Celestial Highlights
Live tour of the night sky
Season's Of Light
All Dome Digital Presentation

January 15, 2019 @ The Franklin Institute 7:15 PM.
Free to the Public, All Invited

Robert Hicks Phd.
Maritime Historian & Director of Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum
The Haven-Finding Art


We conduct our business at our monthly meetings. 
If you have questions about our Society you can contact us at:

Although we have no secretaries standing  by,
volunteer officers have access to this mail box.
and check periodically .


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Remote Star Watch Weekends:
Have you dreamed of a location where the National Parks beckon by day and the sky cannot be ignored at night? 

You provide your own transportation to local sights by day, Rittenhouse Astronomical Society provides  the telescopes  as you relax at night under the darkest of skies.  Join with members of our society as your guides to observe and understand the universe that cannot be seen from most populated areas of the United States.  If clouded out, we provide evening astronomy presentations as an alternate for understanding the night sky.  Bring your scopes and binoculars (optional, not required,)  or enjoy the view through those provided.


Hat Rock Inn
May 2, 3, & 4/ 2019
Mexican Hat, Utah

Wyoming High Country Lodge
Sept. 20, 21, 22/ 2019
Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Just West of both Goosenecks State Park and Valley of the Gods.  Dark as dark can get. A short drive from Monument Valley or Natural Bridges National Park.  Join Rittenhouse Society Members as we provide telescopes for a fantastic view of the night sky over Utah. The closest  you can stay to Medicine Wheel!  Bighorn Wyoming has some of the darkest skies in the nation.  Join Ted Williams (RAS President) as he returns to WHCL as a featured speaker 2 miles from Medicine Wheel.  This historic "Mystical site" is a featured visit during your weekend stay at the Lodge. 

Evening Sky Excursions

Find out what's overhead this month from
RAS member Adam Chantry: Methacton School District Planetarium

Previous Speakers this Year


October 16, 2018 @ The Franklin Institute 7:15 PM.
Free to the Public, All Invited
James Fanson
Project Manager Giant Magellan Telescope
GMTO Corporation
Mr. Fanson will "FaceTime" in for his presentation with our members and guests.  Since he is live with us questions/discussions are welcome.

September 18, 2018 @ The Franklin Institute 7:15 PM.
Helena van Vliet
Pratt Institute
Helena van Vliet is a nationally recognized biophilic architect, researcher, and educator. Her work focuses on the deep connection between human health and the experience of wild nature in the built environment. She is a steering committee member of the international Biophilic Cities Network, as well as the president of BioPhilly, a local volunteer organization, which promotes wild habitat biodiversity in urban Philadelphia.

June 19, 2018 @ The Franklin Institute 7:15 PM.
Free to the Public, All Invited
Great night to meet our membership. Considering Joining? All welcome
Members Presentations will highlight our meeting
Call for presentations: Open to all current members


May 15, 2018 
Dr. Hein Nguyen
Senior JPL Research Scientist / Astronomer
Physics: Cal. Tech.
Face time IN PERSON
   [ Meeting Notice ]

April 17, 2018
Robert Naeye
Former Editor Sky and Telescope Magazine
The Bizarre Cigar from another Star
     Meeting Notice

March 20, 2018
Dr. Derrick Pitts
Chief Astronomer: The Franklin Institute
     [ Meeting Notice ]

February 20, 2018
Professor Eric L. N. Jensen: Exoplanets
Swathmore Astronomy
     [ Meeting Notice ]

January 16,  2018
Louis Berman: Scope Seeing
Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers
     [ Meeting Notice ]


January 6, 2018
Dr. Robert Nemiroff: Astronomy Picture of the Day
Michigan Technical University
    [ Meeting Notice ]

December 12, 2017
David Brown: Rittenhouse, Past & Future
JPL/ Long time Member
     [ Meeting Notice ]

November 8, 2017
Diane Turnshek - Light Pollution Defense Kit
Dept. of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University / Physics and Astronomy at University of Pittsburgh
     [ Meeting Notice ]
TED Talk

Dr. Paul Halpern
University of the Sciences
 The Quantum Labyrinth

Olivia Koski: Vacation Guide to the Solar Vacation Guide to our Solar System
(Guerilla Science)

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How do I enter the building if it is after museum hours?
Employee entrance shown on map is always open. 
There is a security official sitting just inside the door.
If you park in the garage, you enter through the Atrium.
Information desk or security will direct you to the meeting location.

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