Unmanned Space Science Missions by Ken Kremer



Kepler Space Telescope Planet Hunter

Kepler Discovers Its Smallest and First Rocky Planet 1/10/11

NASA Comet & Asteroid Missions: Stardust-NeXT, Deep Impact & EPOXI

Deep Space Radar Unveils Rotating Asteroid 2010 JL33 1/13/11

35 Days to STARDUST-NeXT Valentines Day Flyby of Comet Temple 1 1/10/11

Deep Impact Earth Swing-by Sets Second Comet Rendezvous 6/28/10

Solar & Lunar Eclipses

Spectacular Photos from the Jan. 4 Partial Solar Eclipse 1/4/11

Red Moon, Red Planet 12/26/10

SpaceX: Falcon 9 & Dragon

SpaceX postpones launch to December 8 or 9 after successful static fire test 12/6/10



SpaceX targets Nov. 8 launch for Falcon 9 and Dragon 9/29/10

Inside SpaceX: Dragon Debut with Falcon 9 Launch set for October 23 9/17/10

SpaceX Activates Station Communications System for Future Dragon Dockings

Successful Engine Test Firing for SpaceX Inaugural Falcon 9

Hayabusa: Japanese Asteroid Lander Mission

Japanese Scientists Discover Dust Inside Hayabusa Asteroid Capsule 7/7/10

Japanese Asteroid Lander Hayabusa Plunges Home to Earth (with video) 6/13/10

Delta 4 GPS Launch

Delta 4 Blast Off with Advanced new GPS Satellite Marks 50th Anniversary of Delta Program (with video) 5/28/10

Delta 4 Poised to Launch with Next Generation GPS Satellite 5/22/10

Atlas 5

Revolutionary NASA Solar Explorer Roars to Space 2/15/10

Atlas Launch halted by ORCA; Shuttle Atlantis Next in Line 11/15/09

LRO & LCROSS Up Close Tour: Poised on Atlas V Rocket at Launch Complex 41 6/14/09

Dawn Asteroid Orbiter

Dawn launch: Post-launch update 10/2/07

Dawn launch: Solar arrays deployed 9/27/07

Dawn launch: A brilliant flash and a thunderous roar! 9/27/07

Dawn launch: 77 minutes and counting, go for LO2 fueling 9/27/07

Dawn launch: Terminal countdown begun 9/27/07

Dawn launch: T minus 1 day: Up close at the Delta II launch pad 9/26/07

Dawn launch: Go Dawn, go Delta! 9/26/07

Dawn launch: One-on-one with Marc Rayman at Kennedy Space Center 9/26/07

Dawn launch: Delayed to September 27 9/24/07

Dawn launch: Go for fueling! 9/22/07

Delta 2 Rocket

Dawn launch: T minus 1 day: Up close at the Delta II launch pad 9/26/07


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