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Solar Dynamics Observatory, First Light  NASA,  Our Sun in all it's radiant glory!

The Crown Jewel-Solar Dynamics Observatory of the NASA Sun Fleet
(including SOHO Solar and Heliospheric Observatory and
Stereo Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory)

SDO, Atlas V and Ken in ditch below rocket less than 24 hours from blast off. Credit: Ken Kremer

SDO soars to space from KSC atop Atlas V rocket. This was the 100th launch of a commercial Atlas/Centaur. Credit: Ken Kremer

SDO On Station Transmitting First Data as Solar Science Payloads Open Today

Revolutionary NASA Solar Observer Roars into Space  (2/15/10)

NASA Sun Probe rolled to Pad; 10 hours to Blastoff    (2/10/10)

NASAs Solar Crown Jewel Bolted atop Atlas Rocket    (1- 29-10)

NASA Advanced Solar Observing nearing February Launch:
Will send IMAX like Movies Daily



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