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Dr. Ken Kremer Astronomy, Science
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Princeton, NJ

Upcoming Lectures :

Apr 28, 2013: “Curiosity and the Search for Life on Mars - (in 3-D)”.  Washington Crossing State Park, Titusville, NJ,  130 PM

Feb 26- March 1:  SpaceX Launch”, “Curiosity and the Search for Life on Mars”, Kennedy Space Center Quality Inn, Titusville, Florida, 8 PM

Feb 12, 2013: Curiosity & NASA’s Search for Life in the Universe - 3D”, The Pines, Whiting, NJ

Most Recent Appearances:

Dec 11, 2012:
“Curiosity and the Search for Life on Mars - (in 3-D)” , Princeton University & AAAP ,Princeton, NJ

Dec 6, 2012: “Atlantis, the Premature End of NASA’s Shuttle Program and What’s Beyond for NASA”. STAR, Brookdale CC, Lincroft, NJ

July 13/14, 2012:  “8 Years of Mars Rovers & Search for Life- Mars & Vesta in 3 D”, “GRAIL Lunar Orbiters”, “Historic SpaceX Launch” & “Orion Spacecraft Visit” & “Space Shuttle Enterprise arrives in NYC.” APO, Tupper Lake, NY

Nov 16, 2012: “Curiosity and the Search for Life on Mars - (3-D), AAI, Union CC, Cranford, NJ

Jun 5, 2012: Transit of Venus,  AAAP, Princeton University, NJ

Dr. Ken Kremer is a speaker, freelance science journalist, scientist and photographer (Princeton, NJ) whose articles and space exploration images have appeared on TV, magazines, books and on websites, including NASA, National Geographic, NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, Astronomy Picture of the Day, PBS NOVA TV, BBC News, Aviation Week, Astronomy, Astronomy Now, Space.com, Spaceflight Now, Spaceflight magazine, Scientific American, New Scientist, The Planetary Society, Popular Science, NASA Watch, Universe Today, Science News, All About Space, Space Quarterly, NPR, Mars Society, International Year of Astronomy, 2010 Year in Space Calendar, Choice Hotels, Daily Mail, Ciel & Espace and the covers of Aviation Week & Space Technology, Spaceflight and the Explorers Club magazines.  His custom created Mars mosaics have been widely published. His mosaic of Opportunity at a Martian crater was selected as one of the 100 best Space images of 2011 by Astronomy magazine and by National Geographic’s new “Exploring Space” - 2012 Special EditionHis Curiosty mosaic was featured on PBS NOVA TV ‘Ultimate Mars Challenge’ in 2012

Opportunity at Santa Maria Crater   by Ken Kremer & Marco Di Lorenzo 
~Published in National Geographic, Astronomy, APOD and more
Published in National Geographic magazine
Exploring Space - Special Edition  Summer 2012  p. 90-91
~Also Published in Astronomy magazine - Nov 2011 Special Edition
Best 100 Space images of 2011

Ken on Flight Deck of Shuttle Endeavour    Historic last power-up of Shuttle Era - 2012

Ken and Space Shuttle Discovery
on top of Pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center

Curiosity Mars Rover in the Clean Room
prior to launch

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