Hubble Space Telescope STS 125 Mission


MAY 2009 ~~ Ken Kremer reported on the Space Shuttle Atlantis Mission  STS-125 to repair and upgrade of the Hubble Space Telescope to the apex of it's scientific capabilities.    You can read about it in our RAS June newsletter 2009, and access his blog posts for the Planetary Society below.  Ken spoke to RAS at the Franklin Institute in the Fall of 2009 on "Highlights of the Mission, It's Purpose and Success."

Mike Massimino,  Michael Good,  Andrew Feustel,  John Grunsfeld, Megan McArthur,
Pilot Gregory C. Johnson, Commander Scott Altman
Picture Credit: Ken Kremer

Atlantis at Dusk :at Launch Pad 39 A, RSS retracted at left. Less than 16 hours from launch to save the iconic Hubble Space Telescope. Credit: Ken Kremer


Dr. Ken Kremer's Blog Posts on Mission STS-125

NASA's Final Servicing Mission to the Hubble Space Telescope

Astronauts Fly into Cape. Countdown Clock Ticking for Mission to Save "The People's Telescope"

"Go" at T-2 days from launch -- Hubble Science Instruments Preview

Atlantis Exposed to the Heavens -- T Minus 14 Hours from Blast-off to Hubble

Fueling Atlantis! T Minus 6 Hours and Counting

Atlantis Launches on a Final Mission to Hubble

One-on-One Chat with Ed Weiler on Hubble and the Future of Mars Exploration

Atlantis Astronauts Rocket into Space and Grab Hubble

 Hubble Spacewalks: 2 Down, 3 to Go, Never Routine

LRO & LCROSS Up-Close Tour

Hubble Astronauts Boldly Go Where No One has Gone Before!

Farewell to Hubble, Obama Calls, Astronauts Testify to Congress as Shuttle is Set to Land

Memorial Day: Remembering the fallen who gave their lives exploring space

Atlantis and Crew Return Safely to Earth after Rejuvenating Hubble






Atlantis leaving launch pad ~ Rarely seen view from inside the VAB as I peer out from the 16th Floor towards pad 17 A and crawler-way as Space Shuttle Atlantis enters atop crawler transporter. Atlantis was rolled back from the pad in late October 2008 after postponement of SM-4 servicing mission.
Credit: Ken Kremer

Atlantis Launch  Credit: Ken Kremer


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