Orion Capsule & Project Constellation   by  Ken Kremer




Orion Launch Abort System Stops in Philadelphia During Cross Country Trek  10/17/10


Plymouth Rock' Human Asteroid Trek Proposed for 2019    9/2/10


Orion Starts Testing Phase    8/22/10


NASA's Pioneer Orion Capsule Starts Its Test Phase     8/22/10


NASA's Orion Test Capsule enters Test Phase         8/10/10

Orion Budget is Cut 20 Per Cent with 600 Jobs Eliminated and Progress Slowed   6/14/10

Lunar Orion Test Capsule Built     6/7/10

NASA's First Lunar Orion Test Capsule Built    6/7/10

First Orion Capsule forming rapidly  5/25/10

President Obama Visits Kennedy Space Center on April 15  4/14/10

3 Welds to Go for 1st Orion Pathfinder Vehicle  3/30/10


Obama Made Mistake Cancelling NASAs Constellation; Sen. Bill Nelson  3/20/10


Orion can Launch Safely in 2013 says Lockheed  2/6/10



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